Grow using a great SEO strategy

Are you using all these to boost your SEO ?

Five key components to ensure you have an effective SEO strategy.

Make your content segmented, searchable, snackable, and shareable.

Learn to speak spider. To speak a spider’s language, think FISHIES. (Just go with it. SPIDIES doesn’t work.)

  • F = Frequency

  • I = Interesting

  • S = Structure

  • H = Headings

  • I = Inbound links

  • E = Engagement

  • S = Sitemap

Use on-page metadata wisely. On-page metadata is metadata on your website, including the following types that can play a role in SEO:

  • HTML title and meta description

  • Search-friendly URL

  • Alt tags

Unlike backlinks, social media shares, and other “off-page” SEO factors, your on-page metadata is within your control.

Use social media “meta” tags wisely.

Social media meta tags or social tags are HTML tags that start with the word “meta.” You put these tags in your page’s code to help determine what information appears in Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., when people share your URL.


Social tags make it easy for people to share. For example, you can specify that a share include a quotation, a hashtag, and an @mention. Social tags give you control of the share image. If a post contains several images, you can determine which one shows up in social channels. People can delete or change your default image, but most will simply click and share.

Social tags help search engine spiders understand what your content is about. The more the spiders understand, the more likely your content is to show up in rich search results, increasing the chances of your page getting clicked when someone sees it in the results.

Use an SEO-auditing tool — with an understanding of its limitations.

To use an SEO-auditing tool, you type in your focus keyword or search phrase — for example, “physician assistant salary” — and the page gets a grade: poor or good. You get a checklist-style analysis.

The more of these things you do, the bigger splash your pages will make not only in search but also in social channels.

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